Occoneechee Wood Badge

S7-421-14-1 Documents

Fillable Ticketdocx
Menu IdeasPDF
Personal Equipmentdocx
Particpant NotebookPDF
Ashes List Word docDOCX
Ashes List ExcelXLSX

Gilwell GazetteDownload
Day 1PDF
Day 2PDF
Day 3PDF
Day 3 ExtraPDF
Day 4PDF
Day 5PDF
Day 6PDF
Day 6 ExtraPDF

Back to Gilwell

I used to be a Beaver, and a good old Beaver too.
But now I'm finished Beavering, I don't know what to do.
I'm growing old and feeble, and I can Beaver no more.
So I'm going to work my ticket if I can.

Chorus: Back to Gilwell, happy land, I'm going to work my ticket, if I can.

(Repeat with other Wood Badge patrol names in Gilwell order: Bobwhite,
Eagle, Fox, Owl, Bear, Buffalo, Antelope, Crow and Wolf.)

Bears Rule