Occoneechee Scout Reservation
Carthage, NC
September 5 - 7 &
September 26 - 28, 2014
Hosted by:
Occoneechee Council
Boy Scouts of America

About This Course

Wood Badge is the premier advanced hands-on leadership skills experience offered to volunteers of the Boy Scouts of America. Started by Sir Robert S. Baden Powell, Wood Badge's primary purpose is to strengthen Scouting in our units, districts, and local council. Encompassing six engaging days, the Wood Badge course allows Scouters of all backgrounds to come together at camp to extend their understanding of the youth they lead and the adults they work with, and to go to new levels of personal growth and learning. Many describe this course as a mountaintop experience in Scouting, the most fun they have ever had as an adult Scouter. Wood Badge is open to all registered Scouters who have completed the basic training requirements for their primary Scouting position. There is no minimum years of experience you must complete in order to attend Wood Badge. In fact, the earlier in your Scouting career that you attend Wood Badge, the sooner you can put those leadership skills to work to deliver the best Scouting program to the youth you serve. The course size is limited to 48 participants and spaces fill up quickly. Join us in 2014 at Wood Badge S7-421-14-2!


(A) Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills is a required prerequisite course for Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters, Varsity Coaches and Assistants, and Venturing Advisors and Co-Advisors of crews with an outdoor program. All other participants are encouraged to complete the Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills training before attending a Wood Badge course, but it is not required.

(B) The BSA National Office requires that Wood Badge courses be structured by invitation only so as to ensure that the courses reflect as wide an array of diversity as possible, including program diversity (Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venturing) and geographic diversity (all of the districts our council serves).

What are the learning objectives of Wood Badge?

As a result of attending you will be able to:

Time Commitment

Six days in two 3-day segments from Friday (7:00 AM) through late Sunday afternoon, and a patrol meeting between the two weekends, at a time and location of your patrol's choice. Full attendance at all aspects of the course is mandatory. This is a National requirement that cannot be waived.


The all-inclusive fee for this course is $225, if paid in full by July 25, 2014. The fee is $250 if paid after July 25, 2014.

If you are seeking financial assistance, consider contacting these resources:

What is a Wood Badge Ticket?

The Wood Badge "ticket" represents your commitment to complete a set of goals which relate to your primary Scouting position. These goals, which are created by you during the course, give you the opportunity to practice and demonstrate a working knowledge of the leadership skills presented during the course.

Other important information

On the first weekend, you will live in cabins with bunks. On the second weekend, you will enjoy a back country experience for which a tent, sleeping bag and backpack are needed; don’t buy them…borrow! Many special dietary and medical needs can be accommodated. Contact us for more information. Detailed info about what to pack and how to prepare

What past attendees have said about 21st Century Wood Badge:

"At last a training that teaches skills I can use immediately in my troop and even at work"
    -Scoutmaster , Impeesa District

"I thought Wood Badge was for Scoutmasters. Little did I know how much I could learn, or how much I could grow as a person and as a female leader, through Wood Badge. There are so many ways I can help in Scouting, and now I feel empowered to do it!"
    -Pack Training Chairman, Crosswinds District

"Great Boy Scouts earn their Eagle. Great Boy Scout leaders earn their Wood Badge beads."
    -Troop Committee Member, Three Rivers District

"I felt like I was a scout, learning and having fun at camp. What an awesome experience."
    -Assistant Scoutmasters, Cape Fear District

"If you can handle a crew of Scouts in the woods, you can handle Wood Badge. It's the best self-challenge experience there is."     -Crew Advisor, Tuocs District

For more information, contact :
Chris Craven
Course Director
H: (910) 483-9322
C: (910) 964-0341 Chris Craven
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